Introduction To Frontend Development, 2020

Before you dive into any of the paths, you should have a solid foundation in programming. For new developers, I highly recommend learning JavaScript as your first language. JS can be used for both frontend and backend developers, which means you can become a full-stack developer while focusing on mastering only one word. The benefits of JavaScript are:

  1. JavaScript is a relatively easy language to learn
  2. JavaScript is required to build web applications since it is the programming language that runs in the browser
  3. JavaScript can be used on the front end and back end, allowing you to write full-stack applications with a single language
  4. There are tons of jobs for JavaScript developers

If you know that you either only want to work with data or exclusively on the backend, learning Python is the other option that is good for beginners.

There are plenty of high-quality free options to get started with coding. freeCodeCamp and Codecademy are excellent choices and are great to set your foundation.

What To Learn Frontend Development

Frontend development is how we build user interfaces for the web. You must have a strong foundation in JavaScript as well as understanding how HTML/CSS work.

The popular client-side libraries — React, Angular, and Vue — are all written in JavaScript. Knowing vanilla JavaScript thoroughly is essential to leveling up and having the required skills to build sophisticated applications. 

Once you have a solid foundation in JavaScript, you should learn HTML and CSS. Even though the UI is coded in JS, it still generates HTML and is styled by CSS. Refer to the resources in the “Introduction to Programming” section if you need more work with JavaScript. The complete course on web development. Start with HTML and CSS, learn JavaScript and how it interacts with the DOM, and eventually build a full-stack web application.

Modern UI development has gravitated towards a component model with three libraries as the primary ones used by professional frontend engineers— React, Vue, and Angular. 

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