Nigeria: Top Five Web Design Trends, For 2020 And Beyond


Micro-interactions exist pretty much in every single app or website. You see them whenever you’re opening your favorite app. For instance, Facebook has tons of different micro-interactions, and I assume that the “Like” feature is just the perfect example. Sometimes we are not even aware of the existence, because they are so obvious, natural and “blended” into user interfaces. Although, If you remove them from your product, you will notice very quickly that something significant is missing.

3D graphic

3D graphics exist pretty much everywhere — in movies, video games, adverts on the streets. The 3D graphic was introduced a few decades ago and since then has improved and evolved dramatically. Mobile and web technology are also increasing fast. New web browser capabilities have opened the door for 3D graphics allowing us as designers to create and implement amazing 3D graphics into modern web and mobile interfaces.

Virtual Reality:

2019 has been a big year for VR. In the last years, we have seen a lot of progress and excitement in VR headsets — mostly in the gaming industry. We need to keep in mind that the gaming industry often brings innovation and new technologies into digital product design. Research proves that VR is no exception as, after Oculus Quest in the 2019 launch, many opportunities have opened for other industries. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already tested exciting hand interaction features and officially announced a hand-tracking update for Quest, coming early 2020!

Augmented Reality:

In the last years, we have seen a lot of progress, excitement, and improvement in AR. The world’s leading tech companies are investing millions in AR development, so we should expect to expand this technology in 2020. Even Apple has introduced its own AR toolkit called ARKIT 3 to help designers and developers build AR-based products.

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