Some CSS Best Practices You Might Have Been Neglecting, 2020

The primary goal of a reset stylesheet is to reduce incompatibilities across various browsers – it provides general styles that can be easily edited and styled as per your requirements.

One of the most significant challenges when developing the front-end design is browser compatibility. Some of the factors that are greatly affected due to browser incompatibility are style aspects, such as headings, line heights, margins, font size and paddings, and so on. These aspects might be inconsistent as they are viewed across various browsers. This is where the Reset Style Sheet comes into the bigger picture. One of the common examples of a reset CSS style sheet is normalize.css – which is a modern HTML 5 CSS reset.

You have to include this reset CSS style sheet preceding your style definition under the section ‘head’ within your HTML file to prevent these from overriding your style definitions that follow.\

Providing Style Sheet Information

It is essential to include author, tags, title, description, URL information, and other details within your stylesheet. So whenever the user or developer who would require a reference or additional information at any point in time, they will easily find the contact person and all other information they are looking for.

Here is how we do it USING: /**/

Organizing all Elements of the Style-sheet

Organizing the elements of a Stylesheet from top to bottom might not be as easy as it might seem to be. Sometimes, if the designer has the least idea of CSS, they might start organizing the elements by arranging these in the order they would like them to be. However, when it comes to writing CSS code, this might not be a good practice, as it might become difficult for others or yourself to locate the CSS code elements within the stylesheet.

 They can be ordered starting from inclusive styles, including body, H1, p, and similar ones. These should be followed by a header and a footer.

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